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Makes Hiring Happen!

Our suite of industry-agnostic services spans the continuum of hiring and incorporates tactics to create robust, diverse talent pipelines and equitable, inclusive processes!


Custom Business Solutions

to fit your team, industry, and region.


Matriarch serves solopreneurs through corporate clients around the country.  Monica York is a dynamic leader and an expert in Talent Acquisition - supported by over 30 years of successful recruiting, hiring, management, and client service experience in both internal and external applications.

Leverage the knowledge, passion, and creativity of Matriarch Solutions to create systems that help you find, attract and hire the best talent in the rapidly changing world of work!

"Monica is by far one of the most exceptional professionals that I have had the pleasure of working with! As a critical member of the DiverseForce team, she brings years of unparalleled recruiting and team management expertise. Her ability to build longstanding fruitful relationships with clientele, team members, and prospects has yielded our company tremendous success. She is continuously raising the bar for herself and those around her." ~ Jessica L.


"I had the pleasure of reporting to Monica York directly, during an early stage in my career. Her management style inspires me still! Monica provided support and displayed positive energy every day to the staff. She knows the strengths and weakness of her teams, and utilizes that knowledge to drive success forward." ~ LaShea B.

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Call 954.836.7570 or schedule time to discuss SOLUTIONS for your success!

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