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Acceleration Package

You clearly see your dream opportunity! You need counsel on your vision, as well as tangible advice and coaching to improve your resume and brand to make that dream a reality.


Search Strategy & Tactics

Create a job search strategy and associated tactics. Gain valuable job search skills, master key word usage, identify useful job search sites and outlets for your resume.

Executive Search Management & insight

Learn how to best leverage relationships with recruiters and executive search firms to your advantage. Become a desired candidate in their database!


Resume & Personal Branding

Ensure that your resume and online presence accurately reflect your skills, achievements, and personal brand. Tailor the messaging to align with the goals of the career transformation you seek.

Real-World, Real-Time Info

Add real-time, real-world expertise to your plan, close knowledge gaps, make valuable connections, and receive customized coaching and feedback.

Skill Enhancement & Brand Development

Identify and address any skill gaps that may exist for the targeted roles. Consider how professional development, training, or certifications fit your plan and enhance your qualifications for the desired career path.

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Working at Home


Package consists of 6 x 60-minute
Custom 1-on-1 coaching sessions
Plus 2 x 30-minute training sessions


Master tactics to craft your resume on an ongoing basis as your career evolves

Refine your messaging to attract opportunities that best align with your strengths and aspirations

Objective evaluation of skill enhancement choices through the lens of your personal situation

Build a job search strategy with the support of a talent expert

Learn insider tips and tricks to working with recruitment professionals

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