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MATRIARCH excels at providing SOLUTIONS for your business' talent acquisition needs!

Create a full process or fill gaps in your existing model.

Recruitment Training
Diversity Sourcing Strategies
Candidate Management Tactics

Delivery Process Development
Sourcing Strategies & Tactics
Interviewing Acumen
Hiring Best Practices
Equitable & Inclusive Process Creation

Develop in-house knowledge to support 
your work in an ongoing way.

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"If everyone could emulate 10% of Monica's professionalism, dedication, presentation and class, this world would be a better place. To be able to witness the leadership and commitment she provided to everyone around her was nothing short of amazing. I saw people come in with no experience in recruiting and end up at the top of the company's leaderboard. I saw people struggling with their careers and end up thriving in them. I saw people down on themselves because they just couldn’t find what they were looking for in a candidate and end of getting in touch with the perfect person. Monica helped through all of that and more. Coaching, mentoring, encouraging, and motivating are just a few of the skills she excels at. Her dedication to the employers that we worked for was astounding. Even during the most trying of times in our office, Monica was able to get everyone together, look at the future ahead and help them forge on as a powerful team. Any company would be better if Monica was in it. She is a true professional in every sense of the word." ~ Stacey K.

"I had the pleasure of working with Monica York over the course of the last year and a half. During this time, I found Monica's performance nothing short of exceptional. I spent 10 years in the United States Marines Corps. Our military sends service members through rigorous educational course to produce the level of leadership and professionalism that Monica York was born with. As a born leader, she leaves no one on her team unprepared for the mission and she never leaves a task unfinished. I've witnessed time and time again as Monica has given over and above what has been asked of her. Her attention to detail and dedication to the tasks that she is in charge of sets her apart from all other managers who I have worked with. She is a true leader who has never been afraid to take on the challenge of training the new members of her team while at the same time influencing older members to continue to push towards their full abilities. Monica York will be a wonderful asset for any organization." ~ Thomas S.

Call 954.836.7570 or schedule time to discuss SOLUTIONS for your success!

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